Why Verbus?

The Verbus system provides a high volume solution to the worlds current accommodation shortage, offering:

Rapid delivery, assembly and fitting out: buildings can be completed substantially faster using Verbus technology than with standard construction methods.

High quality: Rigorous quality control during manufacture ensures zero defects.

Economy: Pre-fabricated form means that factory labour rather than highly skilled tradesmen can be used, significantly cutting labour costs.

Environmental friendliness: The system ensures lower wastage during construction and a number of “green aspects” such as Solar heating, photo-voltaic cells and green roofs can be incorporated into the design as required.

Sustainability: Buildings constructed with the Verbus System are long life, refurbishable, updatable, re-cyclable, re-shapeable (by addition or subtration) and even relocatable to new sites.

Key Worker accommodation: The retention and recruitment of nurses, teachers, fire-fighters and other key workers through the provision of affordable accommodation is a priority for local authorities, particularly in city centres where property prices are highest. The Verbus Systems low cost, “high quality”, modular accommodation provides an ideal solution to the problem.

Social accommodation: Accommodation authorities are under increasing pressure to replenish accommodation stocks. With as many as 50,000 council homes per year lost through “right to buy”, the situation is becoming more acute. Verbus Systems addresses this with volume production supply.

Hotels: Competition between chains of “budget” hotels is intense - reduced construction and fitting out times achieved using of Verbus technology allows hotel owners to see rapid returns on investment.

Student Accommodation: The market for students becomes increasingly competitive, universities find themselves under pressure to offer attractive yet low cost accommodation. Verbus technology allows the construction of robust student accommodation offering low whole-life and running costs, coupled with ease of maintenance, extendibility and high-tech fit out.

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